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Looking to enrich your body, mind, and soul? The outdoors is the place to be. And right now, there’s never been a better time, or a bigger need, to be out in nature. But we know better than anyone that everybody lives their own unique lifestyles, and there are countless ways to find adventure. 

So, whether you’re an avid hiker looking for your next trail challenge or a festival fan seeking the ultimate combination of style and comfort, we’ve got you covered for every outdoor journey.  


Devoted hikers aren’t afraid to battle the elements to reach their goals. Rain, hail, or shine, their backpacks will be prepared the night before, and they’ll be heading to their destination before the sun rises. It would only make sense for their footwear to be just as prepared for a long day of physical activity.

When looking for a suitable shoe to take on the trail, our top tip is to go waterproof first. Keep your socks dry and feet comfortable all day with optimal tech such as our TimberDry™ waterproof membrane, boasting sealed seams and direct-attach sole construction to keep moisture out. Our waterproof materials undergo rigorous testing to ensure protection from whatever Mother Nature throws at you.

How do we test our waterproof footwear?

Static Testing: Footwear must first be submerged in water for four hours and remain dry inside
Flex Testing: The interior of the footwear must remain dry after 15,000 flexes while submerged in water

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For the city-dwellers who love to be amongst the hustle and bustle, it’s all about spontaneity. They thrive in busy environments, turning every corner with excitement in anticipation of what they could find. Life is about being ready for anything, switching paths through your day and jumping from Plan A to Plan B. We believe that your footwear shouldn’t limit you. That’s where the SensorFlex™ comfort system comes in.

SensorFlex™ offers constant support with a structured upper layer promoting comfort and stability, and active cushioning in the middle layer of the sole to adapt to uneven surfaces. The bottom layer of the outsole features a dynamic groove that flexes with every step. So, you can feel fast, light, and free to roam the city streets all day long in ultimate comfort.

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Tickets at the ready! Festival goers live to dance. They don’t follow the rules and seeing the sun set means it’s time to turn it up. But when they arrive at the field, the reality really starts to kick in – Stage A is on the opposite side of the field to Stage B, the food truck lines are 50-people long, and setting up camp is going to take half of the day. Long standing comfort is a must.

Our Anti-Fatigue Technology is the way to go. With a unique moulded foam footbed that features a geometrically designed, inverted cone system that absorbs shock and returns energy in every step, you can take on the festival grounds with ease. The result of this technology is a stable platform of support that delivers hidden comfort all day long.

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Camping personalities embody the ‘stress less’ attitude. They love to sit back, relax, and enjoy the company of loved ones, basking in the serene sounds of nature from dusk until dawn. They connect with nature in a way that only they can understand and respect the natural world. When they’re ready to rug up for a night in front of the fire, warm shoes and socks make the experience ten times better.

Our Primaloft® Eco Insulation warms the heart and body. Incredibly soft and lightweight, it not only works to keep you warm with its patented ultrafine and multi-diameter fibres, Primaloft® also works to keep you eco-conscious because it’s made of at least 75% recycled plastic.

Want to know more?

It’s crafted from synthetic fibres including a minimum of 75% recycled plastic

The compression-resistant fabrics maintain loft and retain warmth, even when wet

It’s lightweight, breathable, and packable

It’s water-resistant

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6inch premium boots camping



Suit up! It’s all about style for the bar dweller. Looking good and feeling good is key to experiencing an unforgettable night. The ability to change any daytime office outfit into a fashionable night-time look is their not-so-secret talent. They are always on the lookout for the best in luxury, and nothing says luxe quite like top quality leather.

Our dress shoes are made with Better Leather, a type of leather made with environmental sustainability in mind, while sacrificing nothing in the quality you expect from Timberland. Our leather is sourced from tanneries rated gold or silver for environmental responsibility by the Leather Working Group, a multi-stakeholder auditing group. Plus, our leather dries fast and resists stains so you won’t have to worry about it getting ruined if you ever get caught in the rain or near a spilt drink. Unforgettable night sorted.

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dress shoe range


Posted on 11/04/2022
Posted by Timberland Australia
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