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The Early 90’s was an iconic time in fashion that revolutionised the way we embody fashion and dress today. When you think of the early 90's Fashion and in particular, the Hip-Hop community, it's almost certain you'll associate it with Rappers and the community wearing Timberland boots. The classic Timberland 6'' Inch Boots in Nubuck were an iconic shoe that changed the fashion game and are still relevant to this day.

The Timberland boot weaved its way into the fashion industry and unintentionally became a staple shoe that was represented, worn and loved by rappers, singers and a vast majority of the Hip-Hop community’s fans. The brand originally intended these boots to be worn by construction and warehouse workers as they were designed as a hard-wearing boot however, some of the biggest rappers to have ever lived created a such a hype around the shoe that it changed the vibe and overall ethos of the brand. It altered the whole Timberland brand name into what it is today. Timberland is a brand that is not only practical but exudes fashion.

6-Inch Wheat Boot

In the early 90's, Hip-Hop was still an early concept to many and people outside of the community didn’t really understand how it was going to stay around and relevant. Therefore, people struggled to see the vision of the outfits that the rap community were creating and the way in which they were styling their Timbs. Once the team at Timberland put the idea of only wanting to only appeal their blue-collar clientele, construction and factory workers and started tapping into the right consumer base, the spark of Timberland happened. In 1993, Timberland launched with their "GIVE RACISM THE BOOT CAMPAIGN" which was created as they began to recognise its consumer base needed to be respected and represented. The brand used race as a marketing tactic after they were previously called out for not being inclusive.

When you think of Timbs, its synonymous to think of them being styled by Biggie Smalls, Mob Deep, NAS, Wu Tang Clan, Jay-Z, Kanye, Aaliyah, Tupac and so many more iconic rappers and artists. These artists each represented the brand in a similar way, but all also added their own flare and rhythm.

Biggie smalls mentioned Timberland in the lyrics to his song ‘Suicidal Thoughts’ where he says: Dressed in white, I like black Timbs and black hoodies. Timbs are also mentioned in his song ‘Hypnotize’ where Biggie raps: Timbs for my hooligans in Brooklyn. The Timberland/Timbs name being mentioned in multiple songs by rappers like Biggie smalls and many others is a testament to the brands success and popularity.

Mobb Deep featured a pair of the 6 Inch boots on his The Infamous (1994) album cover. The Boots are the forefront of the image with an aesthetic that was hot at the time. The Wu Tang Clan all rocked their Timbs at the same time in a famous group photo. 10 Team members deep and that was an impactful statement that was made. Wu Tang Clan Member RZA claims that they made Timberlands popular. And he was 100% correct in saying so. The trend setters wore the boots in their early music videos and whether it was members like Method Man, ODB, RZA, or GZA, the clips showed them stomping around in their Timbs.

In supporting the rap community, the brands Gross Profit of skyrocketed and the total revenue was almost around 500 million by the time the year 2000 hit. Timberlands revenue started at a humble 100 million in 1991 and took a major leap in 1995 through to the year 2000 which then aided in generating majority of their profit. At the end of 2000, Timberland reporting a massive one billion plus profit.

Fast forward to today and the aesthetic of the 6'' Inch Boot lives on and is worn by so many. From fashion icons to social media influencers, we know are on your feed. It’s got a rep and we love it. So, grab your Timbs today and don’t forget to tag us in your Instagram posts @timberlandaus so we see how you style your iconic 6” Numbuck boots.

Posted on 06/06/2023
Posted by Timberland Australia
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